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Looking for cable to be used in heavy-duty and reeling applications? Do you require a long-term durable corkscrew-resistant cable? Reeling Cable is the best available option. They can resist impact, abrasion, vibration, tension, pulling, flexing, chemicals, and extreme temperature. Reeling Cable is easy to solder and is said to be perfect for flexing, reeling, and twisting.

CRD Cable is used in converter machinery such as boom stackers, transfer cars, bulk materials, and sidearm chargers. Moreover, this CRD Trailing Cable is used in steel mills cement plants, docks, power plants, refineries, and automobile industries. They are single core cables consisting of elements like power cores, control cores, and signaling pairs for multipurpose functions.

CRD and Trailing cables are designed to bear continuous reeling and unreeling. They are made up of sheath material that has a high degree of flex fatigue resistance, excellent heat, and fire-resistant properties. Cable Reeling Drums are nothing but a 2 flanges structure connected by a drum in between. The cables are rolled over these drums. In clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Reeling Cable

Spring Cable Reeling Drum is easy to feed and are supported by flanges on both sides. They can also be supplied with geared rotary limit switch arrangement. These are Motorised Cable Reeling Drum also available torque controlled. They are used in those applications where the length and weight of the cable exceed the design capacity of the reeling unit. The controller unit powers the reel compartment. Power Cable Reeling Drum are cost-efficient solutions available for reeling long lengths of cables.

Torque Controller Motorised Cable Reeling Drum uses standard AC or DC motor. It reduces the tension in reeled cable as against other devices. Power Cable Roller do not have a chain drive hence Cable Reeling Drum manufacturers recommend these as the maintenance cost is reduced.

The Industrial Cable Drum reel covers a wide range of cable lengths and sizes hence additional brakes are not required. The core size and quantities required by the customer can be adjusted by big Reeling Cable manufacturers.

We have been producing these Electric Cable Drum for a long time now. We use high quality raw material and advanced modern technology which helps us in gaining economies of scale in the production of Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum. our on-time delivery along with the superior quality product at an affordable price has made us stand among the industry leaders and has crowned us with one of the most preferred CRD Cable manufacturers.

BS & BASEC approved manufacturer of Power Cable Reeling Drum in India


Material Specification of Reeling Cable

No of Core 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 8 Core
Is It Armoured Armoured
Range: 6GA, 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 18GA, 8GA, 14GA, 10GA, 15GA, 12GA, 16GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands
Applications Docks, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Automobile Industries and Refineries
Insulation Material XLPE, Teflon, PVC, Polypropylene (PP)
Export To
Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Kenya, Colombia, Iraq, MOZAMBIQUE, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Caracas, Ahvaz, Bengaluru, Australia, Singapore, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE), Kuwait, Netherlands, Cuba, United kingdom, Qatar, Sudan, Howrah, Ankara, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Qatar, Austria, Srilanka, Russia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Melbourne, Montreal, Saudi arabia, Zambia, Sri lanka, Chile, Argentina
Conductors Copper / Aluminium
Frequency 50 Hz
Packaging Types pallet packing , carton packing, wooden / plastic reels
Standards IEC-60228, IEC-60502, IEC-60332


Manufacturing Standards of CRD Cable

  • According to DIN VDE 0250-814
  • Flame retardant to VDE 0482-331-1-2, IEC 60332-1
  • Oil-resistant to DIN VDE 0473-811-404



Cable Reeling Drums Structure

  • Conductor: Stranded tinned copper wire, class 5
  • Insulation: rubber compound
  • Inner sheath: Neoprene
  • Braid: textile braiding as protection against torsion, embedded between the inner and outer sheath
  • Outer sheath: Neoprene ( Black color )

Core identification

  • 3 cores: brown, blue, green/yellow
  • 4 cores: brown, blue, black, green/yellow
  • 5 cores: brown, blue, black, grey, green/yellow
  • 6 cores and above: black core with white numbers


Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-duty Reeling Cable Temperature Rating

Temperature Rating 90°C


Price list of CRD Trailing Cable

Reeling Cables Price
Electric Extension Cables Reel with 16A 3pin plug Per Meters US $3.00 - $25.00
25m*1.0 Sizes Electric Retractable Cables Reel Per unit US $14.48 - $16.74
235mm Cables Reel Drum For different cable Per unit US $8.50 - $12.00
Spring Operated Cables Reeling Drums Wire Per Piece US $500.00 - $900.00
Electrical drum rollers reeling cables Per unit US $10.00 - $100.00


Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum Working Principle

Torque controller type Cables reel are driven by a constant speed motive power units. These reels are designed to be powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled electric motor. 3 phase supply is best Choice for motors working but single phase or DC motors may also be used.

cable reel is driven by motive power unit through an irreversible worm and wheel transmission, these worm and wheel are totally lubricated and enclosed for life. worm and wheel transmission reduction ratio usually is 50:1 and the rotational speed of the transmission output spindle is decided by selection of the motive power speed.


Various Types of Cable Reeling Drums

  • Spring Operated Cables Reeling Drums
  • Motorised Cables Reeling Drums
  • Stall Torque Motor Operated Cables Reeling Drums
  • Sprocket Driven Cables Reeling Drum
  • Thrustor & Thrustor Operated Brakes
  • Gantry Crane Motorised Cables Reeling Drum


Operating Temperature of CRD and Trailing cables

Operating Temperature -20 Deg C to +90 Deg C

Manufacturer & Exporter of Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drum for automatic reeling and unreeling of flexible trailing cables


Bending Radius and Test Voltage of Reeling Cable

Test Voltage 2500 V-AC
Bending Radius 10 D


Color coding of CRD Cables

  • White/brown, green/yellow
  • White-blue/blue
  • White-orange/orange
  • White-green/green
  • White- brown/brown


Insulation of Drum Reeling Cables

  • Plastics: commonly used for the case of electrical conductors
  • Paper: used for insulation, but only when coated with high-grade mineral oil
  • Enamel: The wire is bare is passed through a hot solution of enamel.
  • Mineral Insulated (MI): suitable for noncombustible cables, have both high heat and water resistance


Working Principles of Torque Controlled Motorised Cable Reeling Drum

Torque Controller Type reels mostly driven by any greatly constant speed motive power unit. In their standard form, these units are designed to accept L100, L90, L132, L112, standard flange mounted AC motors with selection depends on application requirements. most popular choice is for motor working from a 3 ph. supply.


Benefits of Torque controller operated Motorised Cables

  • Available in compact Size
  • Low Cost compare to Stall Torque Motor Operated Cables Reeling Drum
  • For Low Torque No. Chain Drive system required due, to which low maintenance.
  • Can be use in hazardous area.
  • Travel limit switch can fitted as an optional to prevent machine over travel.


Available Coatings of Power Cables Reeling Drum

  • Polyolefin
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Silicon
  • Anti-Tracking
  • Fibre-Glass


Industrial Cables Drum Applications

  • Automatic Welders
  • Remote Control of Electrical Equipment
  • Sensing Equipment
  • Bolster Cables
  • Broach Machines
  • Festoon Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Transformer and Rectifiers
  • Connecting moveable gun-arms of certain types of welding guns to power cables
  • Electrolytic Processes
  • Spot welding machines
  • Plating Processes
  • Furnaces, Induction Furnaces (Glass, Metal Melting)
  • Positioning Equipment
  • Transfer Vehicles
  • Control Circuits
  • Cranes
  • Communication Equipment
  • Air-field lighting equipment
  • Automated Welding Equipment
  • Tooling Constructions


Check Below Industries Where We Supplt and Countries Where We Stock

Mining Industry
Mining Industry
Torque Controller Motorised Cables Reeling Drum
Cuba, Indonesia, Saudi arabia, South Africa, Bhutan, Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai, Belgium, Colombia, MOZAMBIQUE, Sri lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Australia, Argentina
Automobiles Industry
Automobiles Industry
Reeling & Trailing Cables Heavy duty multicore mining
Bhutan, Chile, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Austria, South Africa, Nigeria, Poland, MOROCCO, Kuwait, Sudan, Italy
Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry
Cables Drum Trailer With Air Brake System
Israel, Qatar, Nepal, Germany, Russia, Philippines, United kingdom, MYANMAR, Malaysia, United States, Qatar, Brazil, Malawi, Oman, Iraq


Highflex Reeling Cables Construction and Tech Data

Conductor bare copper strands acc. to IEC 60228, VDE 0295, class 5
Insulation special polymer
Stranding specially adjusted layering around central suspension unit
Sheath material TMPU acc. to EN 50363-10-2 + VDE 0207-363-10-2, PUR
Sheath colour black (RAL 9005)
Nominal voltage Uo/U 300/500 V (supply conductors)
Testing voltage core/core 2000 V
Current-carrying capacity acc. to VDE 0298-4 see chapter N „Technical Data“
Min. bending radius for laying and installation (fixed laying): ≤ 12 mm 3 x d/>12 mm 4 x d   for repeated winding action (flexible): 6x d   guided on pulleys (flexible): 7,5 x d
Temperature range fixed laying: -50/+90°C   0717-9001 fixed laying: -40/+70°C flexible application: -40/+90°C   0717-9002 with installation: 0/+50°C 0717-9002 fixed laying: -20/+60°C 0717-9002 flexible application: -20/+60°C 0717-9001 flexible application: -40/+70°C
Halogen-free acc. to DIN VDE 0472 part 815 and IEC 60754-1
Oil resistance very good
Chem. resistance good against alkalines, solvents, acids, hydraulic liquids, etc.
Sunlight resistance very good
Tensile strength with reference to VDE 0298-3 section 7.1


Sprocket / Gear Driven Power Cable Roller and Reeling Cable manufacturer in India


Dimensions of CRD Trailing Cables

no. of cores x cross section outer-ø ± 5% copper figure Cables weight ca. tensile strength max. min. breaking load of suspension unit
4 G 2,50 mm² 9,7 mm 96 kg/km 157 kg/km 150 N 1345 N
4 G 4,00 mm² 11,7 mm 153,6 kg/km 239 kg/km 240 N 1690 N
14 G 4,00 mm² 20,9 mm 537,6 kg/km 739 kg/km 840 N 3200 N
20 G 4,00 mm² 23,3 mm 768 kg/km 1021 kg/km 1200 N 3700 N
25 G 4,00 mm² 28,3 mm 960 kg/km 1318 kg/km 1500 N 4200 N
4 G 6,00 mm² 13,4 mm 230,4 kg/km 333 kg/km 360 N 1860 N
13 G 6,00 mm² 24,3 mm 748,8 kg/km 1013kg/km 1170 N 3400 N
18 G 6,00 mm² 25,7 mm 1036,8 kg/km 1306 kg/km 1620 N 6000 N
4 G 10,0 mm² 17,1 mm 384 kg/km 559 kg/km 600 N 2300 N
4 G 16,0 mm² 21,3 mm 614,4 kg/km 864 kg/km 960 N 2800 N
14 G 4,00 + 2 x (2 x 0,25)C mm² 22,4 mm 575,4 kg/km 794 kg/km 840 N 2500 N
5 G 16,0 + 4 x 2 x 0,14 mm² 26,4 mm 791,6 kg/km 1163 kg/km 1200 N 3000 N
25 G 4,00 mm² min. 25,0/ max. 28,0 mm 960 kg/km 1290 kg/km 1500 N 2600 N


Advantages of Electric Cables Drum

  • Weather Resistance
  • Resistance to High Mechanical Stress
  • UV Resistant
  • Ability to Withstand Varying Weather Conditions
  • Flexibility
  • Oil Resistance
  • Flame Resistance
  • Better Insulation
  • Cost-effective for simple and short travels
  • Easy transport and assembly
  • Easy change of location
  • Diameter of the drum up to 8 metres


Reeling Fibre Optic cable Technical Data and Construction

Nominal voltage

U0/U=600/1000V AC,1000/1800V DC

Test voltage


Max. conductor temperature

-40℃ up to +125℃

Ambient temperature

-40℃up to +90℃

Max. Short circuit temperature


Bending radius

fixed installation>4×Φ Occasionally moved>5×Φ

  • Conductor: Tinned copper.
  • Insulation: XLPE/XLPO
  • Sheath: XLPE/XLPO
  • Fire-resistance performance:IEC 60332-1
  • Approvals:TUV 2PfG 1169/08;EN50268-2
  • Application standards:UNE211 23;UNE 20.460-5-52,UTE C 32-502


Reeling Cables Size & Current Rating Chart

Cross Section (mm2) Approximate Overall Diameter (mm) Current Rating
Single Phase (Amps) Three Phase (Amps)
1.5 2.9 17.5 15.5
2.5 3.53 24 21
4 4.4 32 28
6 4.68 41 36
10 5.98 57 50
16 6.95 76 68
25 8.7 101 89
35 10.08 125 110
50 11.8 151 134
70 13.5 192 171
95 15.7 232 207
120 17.4 296 239
150 19.3 300 262
185 21.5 341 296
240 24.6 400 346
300 27.9 458 394
400 30.8 546 467
500 33.8 626 533
630 37.6 720 611
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