Halogen Free Cable

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Cables are a group of wires, whichare covered with a protective sheathing. A Halogen free Cable is produced without any plastics. This plastic material includes polyvinyl chloride, chloroprene rubber, fluoropolymer rubber, etc. These cables are not made of heavy metal-based stabilizers and softeners. The non-plastic material used in these cables makes them fire-resistant compared to a Halogen Cable. They are widely used in many delicate operations in buildings and institutions due to their self-extinguishing properties. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Halogen Free Cable. We thrive to produce high-quality products at feasible rates for all.

Halogen Free Cable

Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables are made from material, which reduces the amount of corrosive and toxic gases emitted during a fire. In case of a fire, the cables emit less dense smoke at a very slow rate. This makes the Zero Halogen Cable desirable while exiting the building and firefighting easy during fires. These cables are widely used in poorly ventilated systems like rail carriages, aircraft, etc. The Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable is made up with the help of silicone rubber, polyethylene, polyamide, thermoplastic elastomers, etc. These cables ensure maximum functional retention in cases of fires. The Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire is used in applications where the requirement of halogen is at the minimum. The materials used to produce these cables are environmentally friendly. We are amongst a few Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable manufacturers in India who can customize all our products. These products can be customized as per your needs in different shapes and sizes.

The Low Smoke Low Halogen Cable we produce is highly versatile and durable and can last for long periods. These cables maintain circuit integrity in cases of fires or hazards. The Lshf Cables possess good electrical conductivity. For a device to function properly the wire working properly is of utmost importance. This is what these cables provide along with excellent strength. A Halogen Free Wire is made from elements not from the halogen group. These wires are less flexible and possess fewer insulation properties as compared to a Halogen Wire. Our renowned staff make use of the best raw material and latest technology to produce the best products in the market. If you want to know about the Low Halogen Cable or any other products, contact us for more information.

Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables and Halogen Free Wire manufacturer in Mumbai

Standard Specification Of Halogen Free Cable

Cables range 20GA, 16GA, 18GA, 14GA, 8GA, 2GA, 6GA, 0GA, 12GA, 4GA, 15GA, 10GA
Extreme temperature range
-40 to 105 C
Material glossy material Tinned, Environmentally friendly, Silver or Nickel plated copper etc.
Conductor Stranded 99.99% oxygen free copper and tin plated copper, copper coated al
Cables Colour As per customer requirement
Packing carton packing, pallet packing , wooden / plastic reels
Export To Kenya, Iraq, Russia, Chile, Mozambique, Austria, Nepal, Nepal, Singapore, Egypt, United States, Sri lanka, Cuba, Italy, Oman, Indonesia, Bhutan, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Malawi, Colombia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Qatar, Germany, Nigeria, Poland, Morocco, Bhutan, Sudan, Brazil, Kuwait, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Belgium, Philippines, Israel, Myanmar, South Africa, Oman

Exporter & supplier of Xlpe LSZH Cable, LSHF/ LS0H/ 0HLS Wire, and Zero Halogen Cable with halogen-free materials such as EVA, SHF1, SHF2, EPR, Polyamides, PE, EPDM, and PP

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Standards

As per UL guidelines, a low-smoke assignment (shortened as "- LS") can be added to specific kinds of UL Listed cables in the event that they finish the UL 1685 assessment. To breeze through the assessment, a cables should have a complete smoke arrival of under 95 m2 and a pinnacle smoke discharge rate under 0.25 m2/s.

What is a Halogen Free Cable?

As their name proposes, halogen-free cables are without halogen in the structure of the plastics. Plastics containing halogens can be recognized by the compound components in their names, for example, the recently referenced polyvinyl chloride, chloroprene elastic, fluoroethylene propylene, fluoro polymer elastic, and so forth

Halogen Free Cable

Full form of LSZH/ LSOH/ LSF/ 0HLS/ LSHF Cable

  • LSZH = Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables
  • LSOH = low smoke free of halogen
  • LSF = Low Smoke & Fume Cables
  • 0HLS = Halogen Free, Low Smoke Cables
  • LSHF = Low smoke Halogen Free

Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables Price list

Description Price Per Meter in USD
SeanRo Halogen free IP68 solar connector 1X10mm2 PV cables US $ 0.03 - 0.07
1000v Halogen Free Copper Twin Core PV Electric Cables 6mm 2x4mm2 Solar Wire US $ 0.80
Slocable Good Quality 1500V PV1-F Halogen Free XLPE XLPO Insulation PV 1x4.0mm2 Cables US $ 0.36
4 Pairs Halogen free German Standard Industrial Cables US $ 0.25 - 12.00
Customized Environmental Protection Data Cables Halogen-Free Power Cables US $ 2.85

What are halogens?

Components like fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astate are halogens and show up in the seventh principle bunch in the intermittent table of the components. They are found in numerous substance compounds, for instance in polyvinylchloride. PVC, as it is known for short, is truly strong, which is the reason it is utilized in numerous specialized items, just as for protection and sheath material in cables. Chlorine and different halogens are regularly included as added substances to further develop fire insurance. Yet, that accompanies a cost. Halogens are unsafe to wellbeing. Thus, plastics that don't contain Halogens are progressively being utilized for cables.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire designated

Halogenated plastics Halogen-free plastics
  • Chlorinephen-rubber
  • Fluorethylene Propylene
  • Fluorpolymer rubber
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Silicone rubber
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyamide
  • Polypropylene
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers

Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) cables and Low Halogen Control Cable supplier in Mumbai

Abbrevation of Low Halogen Cable

Abbreviation Meaning
LS0H Low Smoke, Zero Halogen
LSZH Low Smoke, Zero Halogen
LSHF Low Smoke, Halogen Free
LSNH Low Smoke, Non-Halogen
NHFR Non-Halogen, Flame Retardant
HFFR Halogen Free, Flame Retardant
FRZH Fire Retardant, Zero Halogen
LSFRZH Low Smoke, Fire Retardant, Zero Halogen

Check our material dispatch in following industries

Motor Industry
Motor Industry
1000v Halogen Free Copper Twin Core PV Electric Cable 6mm 2x4mm2 Solar Wire
Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Australia, Mozambique, Kenya, Colombia
Automobiles Industry
Automobiles Industry
Slocable Good Quality 1500V PV1-F Halogen Free XLPE XLPO Insulation PV 1x4.0mm2 Cable
Nepal, Chile, Tanzania, Malawi, Oman, Bhutan, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Brazil
Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry
4 Pairs Halogen free German Standard Industrial Cables
Nepal, Chile, Tanzania, Malawi, Oman, Bhutan, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Brazil

Materials for Halogen Free Wire

  • Polyethylene (PE) – has good electrical properties, that is to say that this synthetic material has a good insulating effect. The material is not particularly flexible, but depending on the molecular density it can be made more flexible. When the density is high, PE is a stiff material but stronger and harder than PP. It is moisture-resistant and resistant to low temperatures and ageing.
  • Polypropylene (PP) – is in many ways similar to PE, especially in terms of electrical properties. PP is tough but more flexible than PE, especially when it is combined with ethylene. PP is used in most cases as insulation material. It is a harder material than PE, so that a thinner insulation layer can be applied.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable Drawbacks

  • LSZH cable's jacket uses high % of filler material in order to offer low smoke and zero halogen. This makes jacket less chemical/water resistant compare to non-LSZH cable counterpart.
  • Jacket of LSZH cable experiences cracks during installation. Hence special lubricants are needed to prevent it from damage.
  • It offers limited flexibility and hence it is not suitable for robotics.

LSZH Power Cable & Low Smoke Halogen Free Safety Cable exporter in India

low-smoke Vs zero-halogen

Low smoke cable emanates a more slender and more clear smoke when consuming, putting forth conceivable departure and firefighting attempts simpler and more secure. A Cable might be low smoke and still contain harmful incandescent light. Zero halogen implies that the Cable doesn't contain fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, or astatine. Zero halogen Cable may in any case discharge thick smoke when copied. The two properties are not generally required for all Cables. Check details to be certain that the Cable meets the two prerequisites if important for your application.

Low Smoke Low Halogen Cable characteristics

  • Rated voltage: 1500V, spark voltage 10KV
  • Bending radius ≥ 50D, easy to install
  • Wire single flame retardant: VW-1
  • Insulation material: UL94-V0
  • Halogen-free, environmentally friendly wire
  • Shield density: ≥ 90%, with good resistance to electromagnetic interference

Heat Of Combustion of Halogen Free Cable

1 MJ/ m2 0.278 kWh/ m2
1 kWh/ m2 3.6 MJ/ m2

Lshf Cables standard

NO. Insulation Material Nominal TEMP.
Aging Time
Aging TEMP.
Unaged Aged (percent of the result with unaged specimens)
Tensile strength    MIN. Ultimate Elongation  MIN. Tensile Strength                         
1 FEP 150°C 96 232±1 200 2500PSI 75% 75%
200°C 168 232±1 75% 75%
2 PFA/MFA 200°C 96 260±2 200 2500PSI 85% 85%
250°C 168 287±2 85% 85%
3 PTFE 200°C 96 260±2 200 3000PSI 85% 85%
250°C 1440 260±1 175 4000PSI 85% 85%
4 ETFE 150°C 168 180±1 100 5000PSI 75% 85%
200°C 168 232±2 200 2000PSI 85% 80%
5 Silicone 150°C 1440 158±1 100 500PSI 25% 60%
200°C 1440 210±2 25% 60%
6 PVC 60°C 168 100±1 100 1500PSI 65% 70%
75°C  240 100±1 65% 70%
80°C 168 113±1 65% 70%
90°C 168 121±1 65% 70%
105°C 168 136±1 65% 70%
7 XLPE/XLPVC 75°C (80°C) 168 113±1 150 1500PSI 70% 70%
90°C 168 121±1 70% 70%
105°C 168 136±1 45% 70%
XLPE 125°C 168 158±1 300 2000PSI 80% 80%
150°C 168 180±1 80% 80%

Materials used Low Smoke Zero Halogen Control Cable

  • FEP
  • Foamed FEP
  • PTFE
  • PTFE Tape Wrap
  • ETFE
  • PEEK
  • PFA
  • Mica Tape
  • Glass Braid Sleeving
  • Silicone Rubber

LSZH Power Cable application

  • Hospitals, airports, multistory buildings, stores and shops, hotels, theaters, schools
  • Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation systems, escalators, elevators, safety lights, operation and intensive stations, maintenance equipment
  • Underground railways and other railway plants
  • Data processing installations
  • Power stations and industrial plants with highly valuable machines and materials or risky potentials
  • Mining works
  • Ship building and offshore plants
  • Emergency power supply works

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LS0H Cable features

  • halogen-free
  • no flame propagation
  • low smoke density acc. to IEC 61034 
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • very good stripping
  • flexible

Technical data of Halogen Free Wire

Nominal voltage

Uo/U 450/750 V

Testing voltage

2500 V

Min. bending radius

7,5 x d

For one single bend:

5 x d

Temperature range

fixed laying: -40/+90 °C

flexible application: -30/+90 °C


acc. to IEC 60754-1 + VDE 0482-754-1

Fire performance

No flame propagation acc. to IEC 60332-3-24 + VDE 0482-332-3-24 resp. IEC 60332-3-25 + VDE 0482-332-3-25 and EN 50305 + VDE 0260-305 section 9.1.2.

Flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2

Corrosiveness of conflagration gases

in compliance with IEC 60754-2 + VDE 0482-754-2 - no development of corrosive conflagration gases

Smoke density

acc. to IEC 61034 + VDE 0482-1034



Dimensions of Low Smoke Low Halogen Cable

item no. nominal cross section largest single wire-ø outer-ø ± 5% copper figure cable weight ca.
6156 .. 82* 1,5 mm² 0,26 mm 3 mm 14,4 kg/km 20 kg/km
6156 .. 84* 2,5 mm² 0,26 mm 3,6 mm 24 kg/km 32 kg/km
6156 .. 86* 4 mm² 0,31 mm 4,2 mm 38,4 kg/km 48 kg/km
6156 .. 87* 6 mm² 0,31 mm 4,7 mm 57,6 kg/km 67 kg/km
6156 .. 88* 10 mm² 0,41 mm 6,3 mm 96 kg/km 117 kg/km
6156 .. 89* 16 mm² 0,41 mm 8 mm 153,6 kg/km 181 kg/km
6156 .. 90* 25 mm² 0,41 mm 9,9 mm 240 kg/km 292 kg/km
6156 .. 91* 35 mm² 0,41 mm 11,1 mm 336 kg/km 394 kg/km
6156 .. 92* 50 mm² 0,41 mm 12,6 mm 480 kg/km 563 kg/km
6156 .. 93* 70 mm² 0,41 mm 14,8 mm 672 kg/km 751 kg/km
6156 .. 94* 95 mm² 0,51 mm 18,2 mm 912 kg/km 1034 kg/km
6156 .. 95* 120 mm² 0,51 mm 19,7 mm 1152 kg/km 1241 kg/km
6156 .. 96* 150 mm² 0,51 mm 21,8 mm 1440 kg/km 1544 kg/km
6156 .. 97* 185 mm² 0,51 mm 23,2 mm 1776 kg/km 1866 kg/km
6156 .. 98* 240 mm² 0,51 mm 26,9 mm 2304 kg/km 2507 kg/km
6156 .. 99* 300 mm² 0,51 mm 30 mm 2880 kg/km 3125 kg/km

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire HS Code

HSN Code Description
39019090 Halogen Free Cable

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