Elastomeric Cable

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A cable is made up of a group of conductors. The Elastomeric Cable is universally referred to as rubber cables. These cables were the first insulation available in the world. In the earlier years, the Elastomer Insulated Cables were made of pure rubber but have been gradually replaced by synthetic rubber, which is used for sheath and insulation. These insulators protect current from touching different conductors and causing blowouts. They are used in many industries namely water, renewable energy, nuclear plants, mining, etc. We are the leading Elastomeric Cables manufacturers in India. Our ultimate vision is to produce the best products at the feasible rates for all.

Elastomeric Cable

Ht Elastomeric Cables are widely used in high-pressure and temperature systems. These high-tension cables can operate at more than 1000 volts. These cables have excellent elasticity and high tensile strength. The Lt Elastomeric Control Cables are heat-resistant. These low-tension cables normally operate at below 1000 volts. They are known for their ability to carry high volumes of electricity and are waterproof. The Elastomeric Insulated Flexible Cable is highly versatile and is very durable. These cables are resistant to environmental stress and various chemical agents. Our experienced staff makes use of the best raw materials and the latest technology while producing the Elastomer Cable along with all our other products.

Double Cotton Coated Ropes are made from flexible braided copper wire. They are available in diameters ranging from 4mm-25mm. Having a natural color their length ranges from 500mm-1500mm. The Dcc Ropes are used in many instruments and power transformers. These transformers have a range of up to 220 kV. In railways and automotive engines, the Rdso Elastomer Battery Cables plays a crucial role. These cables are made up of copper wire and good insulation. This protects the wire from acids, salt, water, abrasion, etc. In many systems, the voltage of electricity plays a crucial role in daily running. The Lt/Mv Elastomeric Cables regulates the requirement of electric current across various systems. These cables are generally insulated using EPR or XLPE polymeric insulation. They also possess good mechanical strength along with aging resistance. The elastomeric Composite cable can transfer electricity at a voltage of 1100V and above. These cables are wound and twisted together. All our products including the Elastomeric Rubber Cables can be customized as per your requirements. If you have any queries about our products, pricing contact us to know more.

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What is Elastomer Cable?

Elastomer cables are popularly known as Rubber cables and these are the first type insulation. Commonly used insulation materials are PCP (Polyclorophospat ), EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber), Silicon Rubber, CSP (Cross section polyethylene). Elastomer cables are available from low voltage to 33 kV grade.


Specification of Elastomeric Cable

Range: 6GA, 0GA, 2GA, 4GA, 18GA, 8GA, 14GA, 10GA, 15GA, 12GA, 16GA, 20GA and ultra classic strands
Conductor Types tin plated copper, Stranded 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper), copper coated
Extreme temperature range:
(-40oC to 105oC) can withstand the extremes of automotive environments
Colour: Customized
Fixed installation lowest temperature: -40 °C.
Materials Quality, Tinned, Environmentally friendly, Silver or Nickel plated copper, glossy material, etc.

Cross Section

10.00 SQ MM to 300.00 SQ MM


0.50 MM to 1.00 MM

Packing pallet packing , carton packing, wooden / plastic reels
Export To
Colombia, Iraq, MOZAMBIQUE, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Australia, Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Kenya, Singapore, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE), Saudi arabia, Zambia, Sri lanka, Chile, Kuwait, Netherlands, Cuba, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Qatar, Austria, Srilanka, Russia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, Qatar, Sudan, Howrah, Ankara, Melbourne, Montreal, Caracas, Ahvaz, Bengaluru, Argentina




Dcc Ropes Manufacturing Range

Manufacturing Ranges :-
Cross Sectional Area 1.0 sq mm to 500 sq mm
Dia of Braid 1.5mm to 40mm
Wire Gauges 31 SWG to 45 SWG
*Special sizes available on request
Material :Aluminium Wire, Bare Copper Wire, Silver Plated Copper Wire (SPC), Tin Plated Copper Wire,


General Construction of Elastomeric Composite Cable

  • Conductor : Stranded (Class 2), Annealed Copper wires Solid (Class 1), flexible (Class 5)
  • Seperator Tape : Suitable seperator tape material can be applied over the conductor
  • Insulation :
    • For General Applications Elastomer compound Type IE 1 (IS 6380-1984)
    • Silicone Rubber Type IE 5 (IS 6380-1984)
    • Heat Resisting Elastomer compound Type IE 2
  • Core Identification : Coloured proofed tape, Coloured insulation, Number of Printing, Number of PE tape
  • Fillers : Natural / synthetic fibres / elastomer as per sutaibility of operating temperature and compatible with the insulating material.
  • Sheath :
    • Heat Resisting Heavy Duty Sheath Type SE3/SE4 (Is 6380-1984)
    • General service sheath Type SE1/SE2 (Is 6380-1984)
    • High Temperature Sheath Type SE 5 (Is 6380-1984)


Elastomer cables Operating Temperature Range

Operating Temperature Range 90 deg. C


Price List of Elastomer Insulated Cables

Description Elastomeric Cables Price
3 cores Orange Elastomeric power cables Per Unit US $0.50 - $8.00
Silicon Elastomer Insulated Constant Power Cables Per Meter US $0.50 - $2.50
16mm elastomer welding cable Per Meter US $1.00 - $80.00
Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE Cables Per Meter US $0.80 - $1.35
Cross-linking Elastomer Insulated And Sheathed Hv Flexible Cables Per Meter US $0.50 - $100.00
Thermoplastic Elastomer Battery Cable, 6AWG Per Meter US $0.80 - $1.35
230V Silicon Elastomer Insulated Constant Power Heating Cables Per Meter US $1.50 - $2.00
Copper core Elastomer insulated flexible cables Per Meter US $8.99


Double Cotton Covered (DCC) Insulated Cables Dimensions

1 250.00 0.45 22.50 24.00
2 240.00 0.45 23.00 24.00
3 200.00 0.45 22.00 23.50
4 180.00 0.45 20.00 21.00
5 150.00 0.45 17.50 19.50
6 120.00 0.45 16.10 17.10
7 100.00 0.45 15.00 16.50
8 90.00 0.45 14.00 15.50
9 80.00 0.45 13.50 14.50
10 80.00 0.12 12.50 13.50
11 75.00 0.45 12.20 13.50
12 60.00 0.45 11.50 13.00
13 50.00 0.45 10.00 11.50
14 40.00 0.12 9.50 10.70
15 35.00 0.45 9.00 10.50
16 20.00 0.45 7.00 8.50
17 10.00 0.45 3.75 4.75
18 6.00 0.45 3.50 4.50

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Current-carrying capacity of Rdso Elastomer Battery Cables at nominal voltage up to 1000 V

  column 2 column 5
way of laying in air  on or at surfaces
  mono conductors

- rubber insulated
- PVC insulated
- heat resistant
Multi conductor cables
(except for house or handheld units)
- rubber insulated
- PVC insulated
- heat resistant
Number of charged conductors 1 2 or 3
Nominal section Capacity (Ampere)
0,75 mm2 15A 12A
1,00 mm2 19A 15A
1,50 mm2 24A 18A
2,50 mm2 32A 26A
4,00 mm2 42A 34A
6,00 mm2 54A 44A
10,00 mm2 73A 61A
16,00 mm2 98A 82A
25,00 mm2 129A 108A
35,00 mm2 158A 135A
50,00 mm2 198A 168A
70,00 mm2 245A 207A
95,00 mm2 292A 250A
120,00 mm2 344A 292A
150,00 mm2 391A 335A
185,00 mm2 448A 382A
240,00 mm2 528A 453A
300,00 mm2 608A 523A


Ampacity of Lt/Mv Elastomeric Cables for deveating ambient temperatures

Ambient temperatureFactor
10 °C1,22
15 °C1,17
20 °C1,12
25 °C1,06
30 °C1,00
35 °C0,94
40 °C0,87
45 °C0,79
50 °C0,71
55 °C0,61
60 °C0,50
65 °C 0,35


Elastomeric Battery Cable Temperature Range

Temperature Range -40°C to + 90°C


Design Parameters of Elastomeric Rubber Cables


Cross-Section (mm²)

No. of Strands

Max. Strand Diameter (mm)

Outer Diameter (mm)

Max. DC Conductor Resistance at 20oC (Ω/km)



























Elastomeric Wire Working Conditions

  • Rated voltage 300/500(YZ type),450V(YC type)
  • The long-term working temperature of conductor should be no longer than 65*C
  • W type wires have weather-proof character and certain grease-proof character and are suitable for outdoor usage and the occasion with greasy dirt.
  • ZR type wires have fire-retardant character.


Voltage Rating of Elastomer Insulated Cables

Voltage Rating Max. 200V


Elastomeric Insulated Flexible Cable Benefits

  • Elastomeric Wire may be used in dry, damp, or wet locations
  • Widely used to distribute low voltage data/ signal
  • Elastomeric Wire are well designed for automation controls
  • These Elastomeric Wire can carry signals up to 40 volts
  • Elastomeric Wire are suitable for electrical installation industrial control circuits for sending electrical signals
  • Choice of conductors, screens and jacket materials to suit the most demanding applications.
  • Screening options that include bare copper braid, braid with drainwire, optimized braids with superior surface transfer impedance characteristics, and aluminum foil with drainwire.
  • Jacket material options to provide high flexibility and excellent mechanical protection
  • Heat resistant
  • Water proof
  • High tensile strength
  • High conductivity


We Stock and Supply in Below Industries and Countries

Mining Industry
Mining Industry
Electrical elastomeric earth grounding cables
Philippines, Nepal, Poland, Bhutan, Oman, Bhutan, Netherlands, Cuba, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia, Sri lanka, Russia, Dubai
Automobiles Industry
Automobiles Industry
Elastomeric retractable spring cables
Nepal, Bahrain, Malawi, Nigeria, Germany, Saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, Qatar, Sudan, South Africa, Israel
Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry
elastomeric 4 core coiled spiral Retractable cables
United States, MYANMAR, Tanzania, MOROCCO, Egypt, Belgium, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Australia, Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Kenya, Singapore


Elastomeric Insulated Flexible Cable Working Temperature

Material Max. conductor temp for continuous operation (deg.c) Max. conductor temp for short circuit rating (deg.c) Minimum working temperature (deg.c)
Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) 90 250 -50
Polychloroprene 70 200 -40
Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene (CSP) 90 200 -35
Silicone Rubber 150/180 350 -55
Chloropropylene Ethylene (CPE) 90 250 -30
Styrene Butadience Rubber 60 200 -55
NBR PVC 90 250 -30


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Applications of Elastomeric Rubber Cables

  • Wiring of rotating machines
  • Motors, alternators and generators
  • Wiring of stating machines
  • Transformers, inducators
  • Winding in instrument transformers
  • Oil cooled distribution
  • Power transformers


Difference Between Elastomer Cables and Rubber Cable

Elastomer cables are usually suitable at operation temp upto 90 deg. C. Elastomeric Cables are having properties like Fire Survival, Zero Halogen and Low toxicity FS properties While Rubber Cables are predominantly used in applications like, mining, ship wiring, transportation sector and Defense applications.


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Available Types of Elastomeric Cable

Elastomeric Cable
Elastomeric Cable
Elastomer Insulated Cables
Elastomer Insulated Cables
Ht Elastomeric Cables
Ht Elastomeric Cables
Elastomer Cable
Elastomer Cable
Lt Elastomeric Control Cables
Lt Elastomeric Control Cables
Elastomeric Rubber Cables
Elastomeric Rubber Cables
Elastomeric Insulated Flexible Cables
Elastomeric Insulated Flexible Cables
Double Cotton Coated Ropes
Double Cotton Coated Ropes
Dcc Ropes
Dcc Ropes
Rdso Elastomer Battery Cables
Rdso Elastomer Battery Cables
Lt/mv Elastomeric Cables
Lt/mv Elastomeric Cables
Elastomeric Composite Cables
Elastomeric Composite Cables
Elastomeric power cables
Elastomeric power cables
Electrical elastomeric earth grounding cables
Electrical elastomeric earth grounding cables
Elastomeric retractable spring cable
Elastomeric retractable spring cable
elastomeric 4 core coiled spiral Retractable cable
elastomeric 4 core coiled spiral Retractable cable