Copper Wire Braided Strip

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Copper Wire Braided Strip


Thin common strands of copper constructed from multiple thin Wire and then woven into a braid are known as Copper Wire Braided Strip. They are mostly used to protect the wire from electromagnetic interference and also to increase the flex life and mechanical strength of the cable. Tinned copper and silver plated copper are the most commonly used materials for the construction of Copper Wire Braided Strip manufacturers in India.  Electromagnetic interference is everywhere around us from smartphones to radio waves. The braided Wire deflect this interference thus protecting the strength of the cable signal and maintaining reliability. 

Copper Wire Braided Strip are provided with flexibility due to the lattice design of the wire. This helps them to withstand frequent pulling and bending. They also create a low resistant ground path that is perfect for a short run. Foil shieldings are said to be a good replacement for these Copper Braided Strip and are said to be cost efficient. However, the braided cables are said to be versatile as compared to foil shielding. This protects the cable from mechanical stress and electromagnetic interference.  However, this versatility comes at a higher cost. 

Tinned Copper Braided Rope offers higher tensile strength along with superior flexibility. They are also said to sustain high temperatures and abrasion. In sharp corners and bends of an electrical application, the solid Wire may snap. However, a braided wire does not snap. This is due to the high flexibility displayed by the Copper Wire Braided Rope. They are suitable for wiring in congested spaces. They are used in grounding due to their ability to absorb shock and vibration. They are easily found in lightning protection systems. We have been producing these braided cables and ropes for decades now and our customers trust us due to the quality of product delivered by us.


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Material Specification of Copper Wire Braided Strip

Wire strip Gauge 5-10
Diameter 0..25-10mm
Wire Braided Strip Conductor Type Stranded
Wire strip Shape Round
Usage/Application Industrial
Wire Braided Strip Insulation Type Enameled
Material Copper
Wire strip Size 25x3mm 50x6mm 30x6mm
Alloy Or Not Non Alloy
Wire Braided Strip Export To Australia, Egypt, Bahrain, Belgium, Bangladesh, Cuba, Bhutan, Netherlands, Chile, Tanzania, Colombia, Argentina, Germany,Italy, Iraq, Austria, Israel, Brazil, Myanmar,Kenya, Philippines, Kuwait, Zambia, Malaysia, Poland, Nepal, Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Nepal, Sudan, Russia, Bhutan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, Oman,South Africa, Saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sri lanka, United kingdom, United States
Wire strip Country of Origin Made in India


Size chart of Tinned Copper Braided Rope

Width (mm)
± 2 mm
Total No. of
Wire ± 10
Normal Cross Sectional Area (mm2 ) ± 3 mm2 No. of Bundles
x No.0 of Wire
Wire Diameter mm ± 0.0003
10* 240 6.08 24x10 .019
12* 336 9.053 24x14 .019
16 576 16.03 24x24 .019
20 720 20.04 24x30 .019
25 720 20.04 48x15 .019
25 960 27.02 48x20 .019
30 1152 32.06 48x24 .019
35 1440 40.08 48x30 .019
40 1728 49.00 48x36 .019
35 2496 70.073



40 3360 95.021



408 11.06 24x17 .019


Copper Wire Braided Rope Price list

Wire Braided Strip Description
Copper Wire Braided Strip Price
Flat Braid Connector Flange Joint Braided Flexible Hose Earthing Leads US $ 0.6-1.5 / Piece
Laminated Foils Flexible Copper Busbar Laminated US $ 0.6-1.5 / Piece
Laminated Foils Flexible Copper Busbar Laminated Connector US $ 0.6-1.5 / Piece
High Quality Copper Barley Copper Wire Metal Strip for Sale US $ 0.1-5.99 / Roll
Flexible Copper Connectors Electrical Busbar Connectors US $ 0.6-1.5 / Piece
Flexible Laminated Copper Busbar Customized Copper Flexible Busbar Connector US $ 0.6-1.5 / Piece
Electrically Conductive Braided Copper Earthing Strip  US $ 4800-5200 / Ton


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Features of Copper Braided Strip

  • Variable choices are manufactured in order to meet the customers demand
  • Wire Braided Strip Convenient installation and very beautiful appearance.
  • Unique manufacturing process ensures uniform copper coating thickness
  • Wire Braided Strip CPRI Tested
  • It is easy to install and is unbreakable
  • Wire Braided Strip It is long-lasting and free from maintenance
  • Purity of the copper is 99.9%. Thus the conduct ability is very good.
  • Wire Braided Strip Corrosion free while providing the lowest resistance to ground

Flexible Copper Braided Wire Application

  • switch appliance
  • Speaker Wire
  • Wire Braided Strip use in Electrical cables
  • strage battery 
  • Wire Braided Strip use in electric stove


The Making Of Braided Copper Strip

Adaptable, thin wire strands of copper are joined together. At that point, they are wound on high-speed turning spools in a circular design. This shapes a tough braid. It is beaten and molded into strip. Some of the time, producers utilize weight roller machines to straighten the Wire to donate them a strip shape. This can be how braided Strip are born.


Dimensions chart of Copper Flexible Braided Strip Ropes

Cross Section
( mm2 ) Approx.0
Wire Braided Strip Dimension ( mm ) Approx.0 Calculating Wire strip weight
Structure of braid Number of
of single wire(mm)
Wire Braided Strip Direct Currenf resistance
20℃/(Ω/km) ≤
Calculating Wire Braided Strip Standard Width
Thickness Approx. TZX-15 TZ-15
2.054 2.05 7 0.09 25 24×6×1/0.015 -- --
4.023 4 9 1.00 42 24×10×1/0.015 -- --
3.082 4 9 1.05 38 36×6×1/0.015 5.089 5.064


Flexible Flat Copper Braid

Wire Braided Strip OVERALL NOMINAL WEIGHT (Kg) Wire Braided Strip C.S.A. (MM²)
12 x 1.00 0.0055 6.00
15 x 1.05 0.0096 10
19 x 2.05 0.016 16
25 x 3.00 0.025 25
25 x 3.05 0.034 35
30 x 5.00 0.049 50
32 x 6.00 0.063 70
37 x 6.00 0.093 95
45 x 6.00 1.015 120
50 x 8.00 1.045 150


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Tinned Copper Braided Wire

Packaging Type Roll
Wire Braided Strip Finishing Bare Copper
Diameter 0.05mm to 0.2 mm
Wire Braided Strip Material Electrolytic Copper, Oxygen Free Copper, etc
Cross Section Range 0.1 mm2 to 400 mm2


Bare Copper Tape

Wire Braided Strip COND. SIZE (AxB)(mm) Wire Braided Strip WEIGHT (Kg/m) C.S.A (mm²) COIL SIZE (m)
12.05x1.05 0.017 18.075 100
12.05x3 0.033 37.050 100
20 x 1.05 0.027 30.000 100
20x3 0.053 60.000 100
25 x 1.05 0.033 37.050 100
25x3 0.067 75.000 25 or 50
25x4 0.089 100 50
25x6 1.034 150 40
30x2 0.053 60.000 50
30x3 0.080 90.000 50
30x4 1.007 120 40
30x5 1.033 150 40
31 x 3 0.083 93.000 50
31 x 6 1.065 186 30
38x3 1.001 114 50
38x5 1.069 190 30
38x6 2.003 228 25
40x3 1.006 120 40
40x4 1.042 160 30
40x5 1.078 200 25
40x6 2.013 240 25
50x3 1.033 150 40
50x4 1.078 200 30
50x5 2.022 250 20
50x6 2.068 300 20


Packaging of Braided Copper Wire Flexible Strip

  • Packing lengths of Copper Wire Braided Strip : 100ft/roll, 100m/roll, 300ft/roll 
  • Inner packing: wooden drum, plastic drum, paper drum 
  • Copper Wire Braided Strip cut to length and shipped on nonreturnable reels
  • Packing length:100 to 1,000m reeled in carton drum or according to customers' requirement
  • Other packing for Copper Wire Braided Strip is available as per customer demand
  • Outer packing: wooden case, carton box
  • Outer packing Wire Braided Strip : carton box, pull out box 
  • The quantity in one ctn base on the type of cord and its length.
  • Wire Braided Strip Other packing requirement according to client's request


Laminated Braided Copper Wire Advantage

  • Wire Braided Strip Easy to install
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity Of Wire Braided Strip
  • Wire Braided Strip Corrosion resistant surface
  • Advanced technology with effective engineering


Copper Wire Braided Strip manufacturer & supplier in Mumbai from Ø 0.05 to Ø 0.40 mm

We Supply Copper Wire Braided Strip in below industries

Petrol & Chemical Industry
Petrol & Chemical Industry
Australia, Egypt, Bahrain
Electrical Industry
Electrical Industry
Belgium, Bangladesh, Cuba
Sugar and paper Industry
Sugar and paper Industry
Bhutan, Netherlands, Chile


Copper Braided Flexible Connectors Plating Options

  • Silver Plated Copper Braided Flexible Connectors
  • Tin Plated Copper Braided Flexible Connectors


Characteristics Of Braids

Type Definition Advantages Disadvantages
The strands are wound like a propeller. Its adaptability is decided by its winding pitch. Outside appearance could be a idealize cylinder. Available in exceptionally long pieces without shunts. Low production costs. Adaptable in each regard. Does not acknowledge torsion, work solidifying, in case the torsion is within the propeller’s heading, extending and risk of breakage if torsion is within the opposite direction. Strands may ended up more extensive when curved, separation of strands when the strip is cut.
The strands are wound like propellers but in inverse course. The winding pitch decides adaptability. Extraordinary adaptability, more adaptable than braids of break even with crosssectional area and than single stranded Wire: when this type of braid is cut the strands don't isolated. Adaptable in all headings. Stands up to torsion to the point that the strands do not broaden. Square or rectangular segments with round edges can be gotten, with a great level adaptability. Not a culminate barrel. Extraordinary lengths cannot be obtained, higher costs with regard to the braid type.
The strands are wound like propellers but in inverse course. Its cross-section is rectangular and not extremely thick. Incredible level adaptability. Thickness is inside limits with respect to its width. Solid segments can be made by overlapping many Strip. Restricted areas. Low sidelong adaptability. Limited connection snugness due to covering of Strip which restrict each other when flexing happens.
The strands are wound like propellers but in inverse course and tubular shape.They are covered in arrange to take on a rectangular shape.This is the most commonly utilized braid. Incredible level adaptability. They can be made exceptionally thick with respect to its width. Solid areas can be made by using as it were one braid or enormous areas can be made by using numerous progressive braids. Destitute sidelong adaptability.


Braided Copper Strip Maximum Allowable Current Flow

Corrente massima ammissibile 250 21 18 195 40 30 150 85 55 120 300 610 780 700 370 480 1100 950 1250 1800 2000 2200 1500 2750 3000 2400
Sezione nominale mm. 50 1,5 1 35 4 2,5 25 10 6 16 70 200 300 250 100 150 500 400 600 1000 1200 1500 800 2500 3000 2000


Laminated Braided Copper Wire

Thickness    1 mm to 15 mm
Wire Braided Strip Material    Copper
Gauge    30 SWG to 45 SWG
Wire Braided Strip Cross section    3 & Above
Wire strip Width    5 mm to 100 mm


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