Company Policy

Company Policy

As a growing company, we want to reach our full potential to satisfy our client's needs. Currently, we manufacture and export a wide assortment of cables and wires. From a simple convection oven in your homes to more complicated equipment like windmills, wires are necessary for everyday applications. They are essentially the backbone of applications whose roots are deep in electricity and utilities. Our unique products have an impact on various engineering applications. With this as inspiration, Bhuwal Insulation constantly strives to innovate and create new products. Products that can help accentuate your lifestyle. There are several aspects in the manufacture of cables and wires. A wire with poor construction could be harmful to humans. All the products that we manufacture and export are of the highest quality. And so, they are durable and can last longer. They have outstanding characteristics and are resilient to external forces. Aesthetically pleasing, our products work wonderfully in various industries. Not only do we produce products of the highest quality, but we deliver them in the best possible lead time. The practices we use in our factory to manufacture cables are up to date with today's technology. Our company is a recipient of accreditations from bodies like ISO, KEMA, CEOC, Achilles UVDB, NABL, etc. We also follow the standards and specifications of regulatory bodies during their manufacture. So the products you receive are safe and are standard. At our factory, our employees use their experience and skills to create modern products that suit the various areas of the industry. The machines in our factory undergo routine checks and calibration processes. So the results they deliver are accurate. It is not just the process but the raw materials that form a good product. We recognize the fact that raw materials are an integral part of the process. Our vendors follow standards and protocols set by accredited organizations to deliver raw materials of the best quality. Contemporary in design, efficient in work, our products work flawlessly to operate the applications.

We value human life and connections above all. And keeping this in mind, we have sessions for our factory employees with the latest safety training. The materials we use to produce wires and cables are non-toxic and cause no bio-hazard. We equip all our employees with the gear necessary to perform their responsibilities. Our commitment is not only to buyers but also to the vendors who supply raw materials. Long-term business relationships succeed because of transparency. We maintain a transparent approach to our employees, our vendors, and our clients. Since we want to have long-term successful relationships, we commit to manufacturing products that deliver excellent performance and follow the standards set by accreditation bodies. Our products are about being intelligent. With the latest technology, our wires have excellent conductivity and meet safety expectations while also proving to be a cost-effective asset. They are also built to minimize losses, thereby improving energy and cost savings. The multiple accreditations we have will attest to these characteristics. The prices for our products (cables & wires) are very reasonable.

A healthy combination of these characteristics is why many clients choose to use our products in their businesses. Most of our clients belong to the engineering industry, electricity sector, utility, nuclear industry, and automobile sector. From chemical processing plants to textile and sugar mills, our ISO-certified wires and cables perform an admirable job and yield good quality results.