Certificate of compliance

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

RDSO approved company

The products we offer are of good quality, a testament to the many certificates we have. Certifications are a measure of competency in one's forte. For us, certification is a measure of success, proof that we can deliver the best products out there! With many professional accrediting bodies, our products and methods of production meet their requirements. After stringent tests and rigorous auditing in our production process, we are recipients of many certification bodies. These certifications include bodies like the ISO.

Our company has been the recipient of the following certificates -

An independent international organization, the International Organization for Standardization, develops standards for services, products, and systems. Standards by this non-governmental body warrant safety, efficiency & quality. Currently, we hold a certificate of compliance with the following standard -
ISO 9001:2015
One of the benefits of following the ISO 9001:2015 is that the product's manufacture is a high degree of efficiency. And second, there is productivity improvement. Since this standard has global recognition, there is consistency. Hence, the products demonstrate consistent outcomes with a reduction in wastage. Another advantage of this standard is that it is compatible with other products that follow ISO standards, making them a good match for any complex application.

CE certificate of compliance
The CE mark or Conformitè Europëenne is a mandate for any product that exporters sell to any region in the EAA or European Economic Area. The marking is a declaration, and it indicates that the manufacturer follows the regulations of the EU's New Approach Directives. In other words, the cable is compliant because it has undergone the conformity assessment procedure as a requirement. The requirements under the CE mark include parameters such as safety, health, and environment. The mark applies to products that deal with cables and wire installations for construction, civil uses, lifts, etc.