Air Cooled Cables

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Cooled cables are available in 2 specifications, namely air, and water-cooled cables. The Air Cooled Cables are designed with innovative stranding. This allows these wires to be bent, looped, twisted, and curled using dynamic and static loading systems. These cables are designed with high tensile strength and are very durable in nature. The cables are designed to increase the efficiency and economy of the applications they are going to be used for. They are highly versatile, and widely used in many industries for welding, fabrication, transportation of power from the source, transformers, etc. We are the top Air Cooled Cables manufacturers in India. Our institution is determined to produce top quality products at the most reasonable rates, which are feasible to all.

Air Cooled Cables

The Air Cooled Jumper is designed with a long flex life. These jumpers are widely used in moving heavy machinery and other related applications. Due to their good mechanical strength, the Air Cooled Jumper Cables can withstand extreme electrical stress. Apart from this, the high purity copper wires in these cables provide efficiency in electricity transport and protection from voltage drops. The Extra Flexible Air Cooled Cable is designed with a single wire diameter of 0.07mm-0.30mm. These cables have a cross-section area of 25mm2 to 6000+ mm2. This helps reduce strand failure at the terminal or the rear of the cable. Our experienced staff will help you customize all products along with the Air Cooled Jumpers as per your needs in different sizes and shapes.

The DJ-IC Air Cooled Jumper makes use of rubber tubing’s to eliminate friction between other parts. These DJ-IC jumpers also plays an important role in improving flexibility due to their excellent insulation methods. DJ-SC Air Cooled Jumper is widely used to reduce strand failures. The minimum flex radius in these jumpers is increased which in turn reduces the stress on the cable terminal. To deliver maximum electrical power at high-efficiency Braided Air Cooled Cables are made use in many industries. These cables can be easily coated with silver or tin to improve your systems further. We make use of the best raw materials and latest technologies while producing the best Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cable, along with our other products. If you want to know more about our products, pricing, contact us for more information.

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Air Cooled Cables Specification List

Number of Core 3 / 4
Conductor Material PVC
Cables Conductor Copper
Purity 99.99%
Current Capacity 6 AMP to 6000 AMP
Export To
Bhutan, Tanzania, Dubai, Cuba, Indonesia, Zambia, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE), Saudi arabia, Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Bhutan, Germany, Russia, United States, Qatar, Brazil, Israel, Qatar, Nepal, Philippines, United kingdom, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, Poland, Sudan, Italy, MYANMAR, Malaysia, MOZAMBIQUE, Malawi, Chile, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Netherlands, Oman, Bahrain, MOROCCO, Kuwait, Singapore, Austria, Srilanka, Sri lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Kenya, Belgium, Colombia, South Africa
Packing pallet packing , carton packing, wooden / plastic reels
Water Performance Deep wells / Drinkable water / Submersible pumps / Water resistance


What is Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cable

Air Cooled Cables are also known as Dry Jumpers, as they ‘jump’ when current passes through. These Air Cooled Cables usually have a cover, which are dependent on air to dissipate heat. Jumpers are made from large-diameter copper wire twisted into ropes with a terminal on each end. Length of a jumper is measured from the center hole of one terminal to the center hole of the other terminal.


Terminal Dimensions of DJ-SC Air Cooled Jumper

Terminal Dimensions




























Sleeve O.D. D










Check Air Cooled Jumper Cables Price List

Air Cooled Cables Price
Cables AIR COOLED 4M Per Unit US $28.10
AIR COOLED Cables (A) 200 MM2 Per Unit US $54.80
Air Cooled Super Flexible Cables Per Unit US $14.90
Red Hose Cables Air Cooled M16 Per Unit US $35.04
AIR COOLED JUMPER Cables 51E-375-1500L Per Unit US $96.24


Sizing of DJ-IC Air Cooled Jumper

  • The 1-1/2” width will be supplied up to and including 1200 MCM size.
  • The 1500 MCM size will be furnished in the 1-3/8” width.
  • The 2000 MCM size will be furnished in the 1-1/2” width.


Minimum Bend Radii of Air Cooled Jumper

Min Bend Radii: Min Distance from the end of the hose to the point where the bend radii should start is:
500 MCM and Below 2" 350 MCM - 600 MCM 2"
600 MCM - 1500 MCM 3" 750 MCM 2-1/2"
  1000 MCM 3"
  1200 MCM 3-1/2"
  1500 MCM 4"


Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cables D.C. Resistance

MCMD.C. Resistance
(ohms per foot at 70 C)
350 .0000376
400 .0000322
500 .0000263
600 .0000217
750 .0000172
1000 .0000130
1200 .0000110
1500 .0000088
2000 .0000066


Terminal Thickness of Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cables

MCM 1.250" Wide 1.375" Wide 1.500" Wide
400 0.405" 0.370" N/A
600 0.540" 0.490" 0.450"
500 0.510" 0.465" 0.425"
1000 0.825" 0.750" 0.690"
750 0.650" 0.590" 0.545"
1200 0.965" 0.880" 0.805"
2000 N/A 1.575" 1.440"
1500 1.165" 1.060" 0.975"

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Technical data of Extra Flexible Air Cooled Cables

MCM 1-1/4" Wide 1-3/8" Wide 1-1/2" Wide
400 3/8" Thick
500 7/16" Thick
600 1/2" Thick 7/16" Thick
750 5/8" Thick 9/16" Thick
1000 3/4" Thick 11/16" Thick 5/8" Thick
1200 7/8" Thick 13/16" Thick 3/4" Thick
1500 11/16" Thick 1" Thick
2000 1-7/16" Thick


How to install air cooled cables

Air cooled jumpers should be installed in such a way that the mechanical stresses of the terminals will be reduced to a minimum. This could be achieved by installing the jumper with a little slack, which will allow the jumper to flex freely.


Various Cable Options

  • Isolated Conductor: Cables with isolated, individually wrapped conductors increase Cables life
  • Stabilizer Collar: Increased strand life at the Cables terminal has advantage of a stabilizing collar
  • Extra Flexible: extra flexible jumper are Created by Copper rope stranding and an extra flexible protective cover


Check Styles of Terminal Ends of Air Cooled Cables

Air Cooled Cables


Materials used in Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cables

  • Insulation made of silicone rubber
  • Braided copper
  • Conductors consisting of braided copper, which encloses a antimagnetic stainless steel spring
  • High cooling water flow with minimal pressure loss
  • High flexibility
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Standard Sizes of Air Cooled Cables

Cable Cross Section mm² Current in Ampere from DC (pure E-Cu) Dimension of Contact Area Length x Width Standard Single Wire* Diameter mm
a c b      
150 480 40 20 20 0.1    
200 600 40 25 25 0.15    
300 780 50 30 30 0.15 0.3  
400 950 80 40 40 0.15 0.3  
500 1100 80 40 40 0.15 0.3  
600 1200 100 40 40 0.15 0.3  
700 1350 100 - 60   0.3 1
800 1500 100 - 60   0.3  
900 1650 after arrangement after arrangement after arrangement   0.3  
1000 1800 after arrangement after arrangement after arrangement   0.3 1


Supplying Air Cooled Cables in Below Industries From Last 20 Years

Mining Industry
Mining Industry
AG60 air cooled 6m welding cable plasma
Philippines, Nepal, Poland, Bhutan, Oman, Bhutan, Netherlands, Cuba, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia, Sri lanka, Russia, Dubai
Automobiles Industry
Automobiles Industry
4M Tig Welding Air Cooled Cables
Nepal, Bahrain, Malawi, Nigeria, Germany, Saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, United kingdom, Qatar, Sudan, South Africa, Israel
Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry
10AWG Air Cooled Copper Wire
United States, MYANMAR, Tanzania, MOROCCO, Egypt, Belgium, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Australia, Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Kenya, Singapore


Advantages of using Extra Flexible Air Cooled Cable

  • Added Flexibility
  • Extremely long flex life
  • Improved Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Conductivity
  • High Purity
  • Place saving
  • Can be used for high current densities
  • Abrasion-proof insulation
  • Increased flexibility and versatility
  • Improved insulation method does not require standard hose cover
  • Eliminates frictional wear between adjacent ropes
  • Reduces strand failure at rear of terminal


Water Air Cooled Jumper End Styles

Water Cooled Jumper

350/400 9/16" 1-15/16" 9/16"
500/600 9/16" 1-15/16" 5/8"
750 5/8" 1-3/8" 11/16"
1000 3/4" 1-1/2" 3/4"

Water Cooled Jumper

350/400 11/16" 1-1/16" 2-11/16" 17/32"
500/600 13/16" 1-3/8" 2-7/8" 17/32"
750 13/16" 1-5/8" 3-1/8" 21/32"
1000 15/16" 1-7/8" 3-1/4" 21/32"



Braided Air Cooled Cables Applications

  • Switchgears
  • Transformer and Rectifiers
  • Connecting moveable gun-arms of certain types of welding guns to power cables
  • Spot welding machines
  • Fuel Cells
  • Electrolytic Processes
  • Furnaces, Induction Furnaces (Glass, Metal Melting)
  • ISO-Phase Bus-ways
  • Plating Processes
  • Resistance Welding
  • Power supply for furnaces
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Power supply for welding robots
  • Glass smelters
  • Mains-frequency-induction plants
  • Mid- and high-frequency plants
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Different Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cable Types

Air Cooled Cables
Air Cooled Cables
Air Cooled Jumper
Air Cooled Jumper
Air Cooled Jumper Cables
Air Cooled Jumper Cables
Air Cooled Jumpers
Air Cooled Jumpers
Extra Flexible Air Cooled Cables
Extra Flexible Air Cooled Cables
DJ-IC Air Cooled Jumper
DJ-IC Air Cooled Jumper
DJ-SC Air Cooled Jumper
DJ-SC Air Cooled Jumper
Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cables
Air Cooled Dry Jumper Cables
Braided Air Cooled Cables
Braided Air Cooled Cables
10AWG Air Cooled Copper Wire
10AWG Air Cooled Copper Wire
Air Cooled Interconnecting Cables
Air Cooled Interconnecting Cables
AG60 air cooled 6m welding Cables plasma
AG60 air cooled 6m welding Cables plasma
Air Cooled Super Flexible Power Cables
Air Cooled Super Flexible Power Cables
4M Tig Welding Air Cooled Cables
4M Tig Welding Air Cooled Cables