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Insulated Cable manufacturer in India

Wires which carry current are vulnerable to material integrity due to heat and water. There are high chances that they spill out the current onto other wires if left bare. Hence they are coated with a material that is not a good conductor of electricity. They are known as Insulated Cables. They prevent electrical leakage and maintain the integrity of the material. It is also known as the dielectric in radio frequency cables. Insulated Wires often display longevity and increase the effectiveness of the wire.

Cables and Wire manufacturers use different materials to insulate these wires. For instance Plastic, Rubber, Fluoropolymers, and so on. These insulation materials also various subcategories.

Supplier and exporter of Insulated Wire and Cable as per European, CSA, VDE, British, IEC, and other International standards

Product Range

Commercial Wire & Cable

Various types of CSA/ UL wires
  • CSA/ UL 1277
  • CSA/ UL 2464
  • CSA/ UL 2576
  • CSA/ UL 2587
  • CSA/ UL 1007
  • CSA/ UL 1015
  • CSA/ UL 4703
  • CSA/ UL 1061
  • CSA/ UL 1180
  • CSA/ UL 1213
  • CSA/ UL 3239
  • CSA/ UL 1199
  • CSA/ UL 1330
  • CSA/ UL 62
  • CSA/ UL 1331
  • CSA/ UL 1332
  • CSA/ UL 1333
  • CSA/ UL 1371
  • CSA/ UL 1643
  • CSA/ UL 1644
  • CSA/ UL 758
  • CSA/ UL 1659
  • CSA/ UL 1726
  • CSA/ UL 1727
  • CSA/ UL 1818
  • CSA/ UL 5128
  • CSA/ UL 10086
  • CSA/ UL 817
Bhuwal Insulation Cable Pvt. Ltd.
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Fluoropolymer Shielded Cable manufacturers in India use materials like thermoplastic elastomers, polyvinylidene fluoride, Fluorinated ethylene propylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, and so on to insulate the wires. Polyvinylidene fluoride insulators are thermally stable, and light in weight. Shielded Cables has a low dissipation factor, making it an electrically efficient option. They are often used in automotive applications and household applications.

Low Capacitance Cables display natural brightness, presence, however, to reduce capacitance the thickness of the insulation needs to be increased. By decreasing the conductor diameter as well the capacitance can be reduced. We have been advising our customers and producing these cables for a long time now and have become one of the leading Shielded Cable manufacturers in Mumbai.